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Airmax II

Industrial air coolers with a copper/aluminium or stainless steel/aluminium coil block. Suitable for cooling and freezing applications in medium to large cold rooms. Capacities 5 - 180 kW.

Commercial Air Coolers

Alfa Laval’s commercial air coolers are highly standardized ranges suitable for broad applications, such as cold storage of packaged products. Typically used in commercial cooling and supermarket applications-walk-in cold rooms, reach-in cooling and freezing cabinets – they are ideal for small to medium-sized cold rooms and evaporating temperatures between -40°C and +5°C

Air-cooled Condensers

Alfa Laval’s air cooled condensers and dry coolers are made with cross-fin copper tubes and advanced corrugated aluminum fins, which results in a combination of compact dimensions and high capacity. They are available with both copper and stainless-steel tubing (for ammonia refrigerant applications).

J& E Hall Commercial Condensing Units

Air-Cooled Condensers

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